There’s no doubt that today Habitat Pinellas is one of the highest ranked Habitat affiliates in the nation. In fact, we were just ranked number two in the nation based on new home production. Staff and volunteers work tirelessly to keep the mission going, and year after year the number of families we serve increases.

But a great organization starts with a solid foundation. Tom and Lynne Webster were one of the pillars of that foundation. Tom and Lynne sacrificed security for commitment. In the early 1980’s they left secure jobs to attend the six month director training program at Habitat International headquarters, during which they received free housing and a $60 per week stipend.

After completing the program, they committed their lives to full-time ministry work and Tom took the position of Director of Habitat for Humanity of Pinellas County. They initially lived out of a small house provided by Trinity United Church of Christ, earned no salary and received only a small stipend. Tom worked six days per week on average. At the time, Habitat Pinellas only had $3,000 in the bank. Tom credits his faith in God and said many miracles are what kept him going.

Tom served Habitat Pinellas from 1985 to 1993. His dedication and service resulted in 30 homes built during that time and helped lay a solid foundation for the tremendous growth we see today. We are very grateful for Tom and Lynne’s devotion and perseverance. Their sacrifices, tenacity and resolution paved the way for more than 500 families to receive a home of their own.

Thank you Tom & Lynne!