The Habitat Home Repair Program is designed to offer Pinellas County homeowners home repairs in four essential repair categories: “Aging in Place” Modifications (ramps or accessibility upgrades designed to accommodate physical mobility limitations), Critical Home Repairs (roof replacement, plumbing, electric, structural repairs) Energy Efficiency Upgrades (insulation, HVAC) and Exterior Enhancements (paint, landscaping). Eligible homeowners will be provided a zero-percent interest loan to cover the cost of repairs, while the loan payment will be tailored to ensure affordability. 

With help from Habitat and a grant provided by Senior Citizen Services of Pinellas County, The Lorento Family was able to drastically improve their living situation after a series of tragic medical events. Read their home repair story below as told by Jaci Lorento:

"In January 2017, our lives drastically changed. My husband of 30 years had complications from gallbladder surgery and suffered a massive stroke. He spent 38 days in the intensive care and 30 days in sub acute rehab. They said that he was going to need to go to a nursing home and I said 'no'.

We brought him home in March 2017 and our family rallied together. You see, my husband and I had been through his cancer 30 years before and I knew that we were in line for a miracle but it would take God’s timing. Prior to the stroke, my husband was very fastidious about his appearance. He showered, shaved everyday and he was always matched from his clothes down to his sneakers! This recuperation has been long and tedious but the one thing that bothered him the most was a bed bath. Try as we could, we could not get his electric wheelchair through the bathroom doors to gain shower access. He did not have enough standing ability to hold on to anything to shimmy into the shower/water closet area in our master bedroom.

We had three estimates on what to do for a handicap accessible bathroom which were in the $40,000 range. We just didn’t have it. We didn’t have hardly anything because not only did he lose his business because of the stroke but he couldn’t even get disability. We were stuck.

I believe I had a divine revelation and I reached out to Habitat for Humanity. I asked if there was any way they could help us. Sean, Pattye and others were so wonderful. They tried different avenues and were willing to ‘think outside the box’. They were able to get a company that specialized in ceiling track lift systems for the disabled to install a system that could lift my husband out of his wheelchair, safely navigate him through the water closet door and into our shower. What a blessing! Now, my husband gets a nice hot shower every day and his morale has improved so much. Not only that but his skin condition and even his muscle spasms have improved. We will be forever grateful to Habitat for Humanity for assisting us in one of our darkest hours. They helped my husband smile again.

Thanks so much!

Chris, Jaci and the Lorento Family ~May 2019


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