Tiffany and Michael are the proud parents of their son, Maddox. Tiffany has worked as a Retail Sales Merchandiser for four years, and Michael has been in the restaurant industry for over a year. Maddox loves cars but is particularly interested in dinosaurs at the moment. As a family, they love being outgoing and adventurous while making memories together.

In 2016, Tiffany and Michael became concerned that Maddox was experiencing medical issues, one after another. An extensive amount of medical testing later, Maddox was diagnosed with Autism, a speech delay and a skin condition. Maddox’s
determined parents continued to work full-time to ensure that their son’s medical needs were taken care of through doctor’s appointments and 41 hours of therapy per week.

Their current living situation is not ideal; Tiffany, Michael and Maddox are currently living with Tiffany’s brother and father in an overcrowded 1080 square foot single-family home.

Upon being accepted into the Habitat Pinellas program, the couple remembers being excited and ready to start their journey to make a place to call their own. They are looking forward to completing sweat equity hours and to learn how to maintain their forever home.

“We will be able to make memories at our home. We can’t wait to make it our own, and give our family a safe, stable place to live.”