Mariam is a hardworking single mother to her five year old daughter, Amarah. Mariam works two jobs and is currently in school to finish her Bachelor’s degree in Educational Studies. The family of two enjoys being outdoors, having beach days and going to the park. Amarah enjoys playing tennis, practicing ballet, and reading.

A few years ago, Mariam and her daughter moved in with a family member to avoid paying high rent expenses and save to purchase a home.

“When I was accepted into the program, I was in complete disbelief because I always had it in my mind that homeownership would be almost impossible.” 

Mariam likes completing her sweat equity hours because she understands the impact that it makes on other homeowner candidates. “I enjoy doing my sweat equity hours because not only can I help another candidate build their home, but I can also learn how a house is built.”

Mariam and her daughter are looking forward to having their own space and a home to call their own.

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