Amiya Flournoy, a hardworking and independent single woman, has been struggling to find an affordable apartment to rent and is looking forward to owning her own home.

She had a bad living situation where her roommate got them both kicked out of their apartment. Amiya only had seven days to find a new apartment and ended up having to use all of her savings to move. Her current apartment is expensive and she has had issues with maintenance.

“I look forward to owning my own Habitat home so I don’t have to worry about renting anymore.”

Amiya is very close with her family, “When it comes to family, I am dedicated and willing to do almost anything.” She is excited to have her own space where she can decorate to her own taste and host her family for dinners and holiday gatherings.

When Amiya first found out she was accepted into the Habitat homeowner program her first thoughts were, “I would finally be able to own my own home! I’m very nervous but excited at the same time.”