Shana Goss is a single mother to two young boys, Damarkus and Julius. Damarkus loves playing basketball, going skating and riding his bike. Julius loves to draw, play with Legos and cook. Shana, a childcare assistant director enjoys spending time with her family.

Their current living situation is not ideal for the family of three. The two bedroom apartment is cramped with only one small storage closet. The boys share a room that doubles as a storage space for their bikes and skateboards. Boxes and bins are stored behind dressers and under beds due to the lack of space.

Shana had always dreamed of living in a high rise condo, but having her two boys changed her mind. She wanted a safe, affordable space for them to grow up in. When she received her acceptance into the Habitat Program, Shana felt a deep gratitude. She is ready to start a new chapter for her and her family.

“I am building because my family needs a home. Our future is now a lot brighter knowing that we will have a place to call home, a home that I will someday leave to my children.”