The Kakure Family is led by Felicien and Violet, who are the proud parents of four children. Felicien and his family came to the United States from Africa (Congo) three years ago. 

Prior to coming to the States, they lived in a United Nations refugee camp for 20 years. Felicien recalls his youth walking through the jungle, afraid of violent attacks and looking for food and water. He describes their experience as “miserable and painful”, leaving them hopeless until they arrived in America.

Thanks to a refugee program of Gulf Coast Jewish Family Services, the family learned about the Habitat program. Felicien and Violet were so grateful when they learned that they were accepted into the Habitat Pinellas program. Felicien explains, “There was joy that will never leave my house knowing that our prayers have been answered”.

They worked extremely hard, completing their sweat equity hours and education classes in a record 5 months. They enjoyed completing their sweat equity hours alongside other homeowner candidates. “I am learning many things including how I can take care of my own future home”. 

Felicien looks forward to providing his family with their own small paradise. “I want my family to sleep peacefully knowing that they have a roof over their head”.

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