Lafanya Langston said becoming a homeowner is something she’s been working toward for a long time. She views her new home as, “My place of peace and a symbol of an important achievement in life.”

“I want to inspire future generations, in particular all the young teenage moms, to pursue your dreams, never give up, and accomplish the goals that you set for yourself, as I am living proof.”

Lafanya has enjoyed her time in the Habitat program. “You get a chance to give back to the community that you care about. It also brings people together, unites people and builds comraderie and teamwork.”

Lafanya is a Medical Assistant who described the way she feels when paying rent each month, “All I think about is how many other things I can do with that money, and how much I am paying for something that isn’t even mine.”

She is excited to add her touch to the landscaping. “I can work outside in my own yard. I can put how many flowers I want in different colors, shapes and sizes.”

Langston is happy her kids will always have a place to call home. “When my kids asked me when we were going to own our own home, I’d just tell them that one day God will make a way for us.”

When she received her acceptance letter into the Habitat program, Langston said she “dropped down to my knees thanking God for my blessing.”