Anne and Genovevo live in a small two bedroom, two bathroom home with their two children, Roxanne and Nathan, and another housemate. The family of four love to embrace their Cuban heritage by speaking Spanish in their home, enjoying family recipes and drinking Cuban coffee. They value family time with their kid’s grandmother and try to visit Cuba often.

The family’s current living situation is not ideal. Roxanne and Nathan are currently sharing a room, which is becoming more challenging due to their ages especially with Roxanne entering her teenage years.

“That’s why the Habitat program is a blessing for us, the last opportunity to have our own home, where my kids can grow up and my husband can age with no concerns about stability and with a decent roof over us.”

While it has been difficult to earn sweat equity hours with work, school and family, Anne knows it’s an important part of the process. “Learning some construction skills, learning how your home is made is definitely something very valuable and will save us a lot of money in the future.”

“Being able to have our own home, being able to pay for it without sacrificing the things we value most, it’s going to make a great difference. It will contribute to our family strength, to our faith in God’s promises and in the love of other people, and in their lives as well. This goes beyond the roof and the walls, it is an exercise of love, gratitude and perseverance.”