Debra Swetay, a single mother of two children, felt a sense of relief when she found out that they had been accepted into the Habitat program. Debra has worked hard to provide for her two girls, Katelin and Melissa, and finally felt hopeful when she got the news.

Their current living situation is unsafe and inefficient for the family of three. The space is small, battered by recent hurricanes and especially inadequate for Debra’s 13 year old, Katelin, who has been diagnosed with autism, sensory processing disorder, anxiety and depression.

“We are virtually homeless, living in a leaky blue FEMA roofed trailer. We have three current leaks in our roof. We have been struggling moving furnishings around to maintain our current living space. Katelin dislikes change due to her conditions.”

As a single mother, Debra has been working to complete her 350 sweat equity hours through build site days and volunteering at Habitat’s annual golf tournament.

“I have had an incredible time getting right down into to mix of things and learning the things which I need to fix a home. I wish I had started volunteering earlier this has been such an incredible experience.”

Debra imagines a better future for her family in the Habitat home. “I imagine being about to offer my children a stable, wholesome environment that they can grow up in”.

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