James and Ciara Walker are the proud parents of two children, Ariana and Andrew. James and Ciara are ESE (Exceptional Student Education) Associates at local schools. Ciara describes her kids as excellent students who both love to play soccer.

The family of four currently live in a substandard three bedroom apartment with several ongoing issues. Ciara explains that since moving in, they have dealt with problems including faulty plumbing and mold infestation. 

When Ciara learned they had been accepted into the Habitat Pinellas program, she remembers feeling “so happy, blessed, thankful, and excited to be accepted into this program. It was such great news. It’s the missing piece to our puzzle that we’ve been praying for”.

“When I think about my life and future and how different it’ll be in a Habitat home, I imagine a happy healthy life for my family and myself. I know things will be different and it’ll be our home. Life in a Habitat home will be such a blessing to my family and myself.”

This home is sponsored in honor of Nall Lumber Co.